A brief explanation of JS popularity

I have found myself in a wide range of conversations where others are asked or mentors are asking me “Why is Javascript important?”. I attended an event in which a senior software engineer at Netflix explained in his own words why Javascript is such a popular language and a sought after skill by employers. Two days later I was asked this question and found difficulty answering it in my own words even though I heard the answer to this same question two days prior. …

A brief guide to service workers in React

React is a Javascript library for building user interfaces. It is component based and allows the developer to create user interfaces with much more simplicity than with regular vanilla Javascript.

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React has a tool, create-react-app, that makes it easy to create a new React project from scratch. The create-react-app tool creates a default preconfigured project, ready to launch with npm start. A cool feature of this create-react-app tool is a default service worker file.

What are service workers?

A service worker is a script that…

A quick introduction to fetch from a beginner’s perspective

Javascript is a programming language that is necessary to learn in order to write web applications. Although the language is not everyone’s cup of tea due to its unstructured nature and bad parts( it was written in 10 days!), it is the language web browsers understand. Javascript is a powerful language because it allows the creation of highly responsive interfaces for an upgraded user experience and it also produces dynamic functionality which allows not having to wait for the server to react and show another page.There …

A Beginners Guide to Object Relationships in Ruby

Assuming you have learned how to build a standalone class. You are now discovering how to make different objects relate to each other. If you are a beginner programmer you have to wrap your head around making these objects relate in your program, envisioning them as real life objects. This blog is offered with the intention of bringing you ease in wrapping your head around this.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

In object oriented programming we model real world situations and environments. In each, the objects or models are representing one thing but we have to…

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